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It all started simply, like this...

The "Dolce Italia" brand was born in Italy in 1992, from an idea of Flavio Pok, the current CEO of family-run company Italian Fresh Foods. The initial idea was a compelling one: exporting Italy’s best known dessert, Tiramisù!

Soon after, "Dolce Italia" began launching its first products, Tiramisù, Cappuccio, Crema del Principe (a delicate cream of mascarpone and amaretto biscuits), followed by Profiteroles and Mandolato (a soft tangerine-flavoured chocolate cream). The latter, in particular, has an interesting history and was launched in the Netherlands in 1993 on the occasion of the Queen’s day celebrations. Carefully packaged in an orange wrap, the dessert was made and sent to the Royal party reception…

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What our Customers Say

"Have a party?
Well. Take Mini Desserts Dolce Italia!"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Brigitta from Amsterdam, Holland
"Plastic? No! Real glass.
I love Premium desserts!"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Kristian from Vienna, Austria

"Amazing Superfresco!
This special Tiramisù is like homemade!"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Frank from Colonia, Germany
"I'm in love with!
Classic and Freefrom Premium desserts!"
Testimonial Thumbnail Image Amy from London, Great Britain

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Creativity and Passion for over 20 years

Our Lines

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linea coppette


This production line is used for all small size tubs, from 80g to 120g.

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linea vasche


The larger 450g and 500g tubs are made using this line.

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linea bicchieri

Real Glasses

A separate dedicated line is used for the glass tubs, from 60g to 100g!

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linea specialità


This production line, fitted with a very versatile size changeover mechanism, can be used for all our products!

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Raw Materials

Best ingredients

Velvety Belgian chocolate!

iff spa
Focus on local products

Creamy mascarpone from the Dolomites!

iff spa

Continuous research

Delicious Italian pistachios!

iff spa
Attention to detail

Top-quality Arabica coffee!

iff spa
Focus on local products

fragrant lemons from Sicily!

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respect for work and environment

Utz cocoa certified!

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